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July Meeting: Ask the Agilists

Ever have a question about Agile at one of our meetings, but were too shy to ask it in a public forum? Have you ever wanted to have a more meaningful conversation about Agile, but felt rushed due to the time constraints of our regular monthly meetings.  Have a topic or expertise you'd like to share but feel more comfortable talking one on one, rather than in front of a large group? Miss one of our meetings or think to yourself "I wish I could get all their great speakers together in one room"?  Want to know more about Agile Cincinnati and how you can get involved?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or just value a good time discussing customer focused and lean based methods and their place (past, present, and future) within the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky business community, then this meeting is for you.

Join us at Fricker's in Mason (notice venue change this month!) where we will have several "Featured Agilists" on hand to answer your questions about what it takes to become Agile and discuss the direction the industry is going.  We also want to hear from YOU! We will have name tags on hand, where you can let other members know to "Ask Me About: [insert your passion here]" or "Tell Me About: [insert interest here]".

IMPORTANT: Please register through Eventbrite (see form below) so we know how many people are likely to attend.

Food Sponsors

Cohesion and Eliassen Group will provide appetizers, so please be sure to thank them at the event. Members will be responsible for their own alcoholic beverages and food (beyond the sponsored stuff)

Featured Agilists

Troy Bitter – Ask me about: The Transparency Effect, within the Agile Organization.

Troy is Director of Advisory Services at Cohesion where he enjoys being an Agile leader and advocate. He has led organizations in improving time-to-market for customer requests and in one case, reduced time-to-market by 20% vs. a waterfall approach. Troy advises that achieving such gains requires maximum transparency. 

Alan Bustamante – Ask me about: Scaling Agile Development for the Enterprise

Alan is a Principal Consultant (and Owner) at Xcelerate Partners. He has helped numerous development organizations of various sizes become Agile using various techniques. Most recently he guided Blue Cross through a large transition using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Alan is also on the leadership team at Agile Cincinnati

Peg Haustetter – Ask me about: Distributed Development within Agile Teams

Peg is a Principal Consultant with Systems Evolution, where she provides her clients the skills they need to become successful at adopting Agile development within distributed teams. She is also on the leadership team for Agile Cincinnati.

Scott Jacobs – Ask me about: Fostering Creative Teams using Innovation Games

Scott is CEO (and CFO or Chief “Fun” Officer) at Harvest Consulting. He has been using Innovation Games the past several years to help his clients create strategic marketing plans that are designed to increase sales, market share and profitability; while having fun at the same time.

Rob Keefer – Ask me about: Agile User Experience Design (UX)

Rob is the Founder and Innovation Director of POMIET, a software innovation company. By seeking the best ways of incorporating User Experience (UX) into an Agile process, Rob ensures that the user's perspective is valued throughout a product's development. He has led the development of highly interactive products with Raytheon, Major League Baseball (, FedEx Office, and more.

Joe Schweickart – Ask me about: Agile Engineering Practices

Joe is a consultant for Systems Evolution, specializing in software architecture, design and development. He has guided teams within the health care, retail, insurance, high-tech manufacturing and telecommunications sectors in the adoption of Agile development practices on numerous projects.

Paul Spencer – Ask me about: Agile Engineering Practices

Paul is Director of the Agile Development Center at SDS. He has been in the software industry for over 14 years and enjoys mentorship on Test Driven Development and Product Development strategy.


Stephen Wagner – Ask me about: Deploying Agile Teams in Regulated Environments

Stephen is a Principal Consultant with Cardinal Solutions where he is currently leading an Agile team at Vantiv, a local provider of services to the financial industry. He is also on the leadership team for Agile Cincinnati.


Steve Lyle and Levent Gorur  – Ask us about: Contributing your talents (volunteering/leading) to Agile Cincinnati and our great organization



When: July 11, 2013  (Second Thursday).
Program: 5:30-7:30pm.
Where: Fricker's, 8850 Governor's Hill Drive Mason, OH 45249

PMP's: This event counts for 1 (one) PDU



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