October meeting: Challenging Mental Models - Why Agile is Failing
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 10:49PM
Agile Cincinnati in Adoption, Monthly Meetings

In many organizations, Agile practices gain a small foothold or are partially embraced, only to be prevented from making further progress. In this talk, Jack Wooten explores the role that individuals' internal mental models of the world present challenges to agile adoption and how we can adapt to be more successful.

Jack Wooten is an Ambassador for Good, Game-Changer, and Lynchpin... He is passionate about being a great leader through selfless service and courageous action.

Jack is a practical results-driven professional with 18 years of experience in software delivery, project management, and leadership. Jack has extensive experience in IT custom development, large-group workshop facilitation, and product and project management. He also has expertise in process design, business transformation, business analysis, and organizational change management.



When: Thursday, 10/8

Networking: 5:30 - 6pm

Program: 6 - 7:30

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