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July Meeting - Components of a Successful Team & How to Achieve Greatness by Darrin Murriner


********** IMPORTANT: For the July Meeting we're going to TEKSystems ******************

July Meeting - Components of a Successful Team & How to Achieve Greatness by Darrin Murriner

When: July 11th, 2019  (Second Thursday) 

Where: TEK Systems 3825 Edwards Road, Suite 270 Cincinnati OH 45209

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm (networking starts at 5:30 pm)


Components of a Successful Team & How to Achieve Greatness

Even with the perfect tools and effective methods, the people doing the work and the dynamics within are what truly matter.

Join Cloverleaf co-founder and author of “Corporate Bravery”, Darrin Murriner, for his insights into exactly how to align teams for success.


• Key factors that affect team success
• Tools and techniques to improve team performance
• How to improve communications for team effectiveness

About Darrin Murriner

Darrin Murriner has two decades of experience with some of the largest corporations in America. Darrin has worked as an outside consultant, led operations and finance teams and worked in risk management. These experiences provided the thesis for “Corporate Bravery”, his book on eliminating a fear-based culture from the workplace. 

In addition to his corporate experiences, Darrin has started businesses, as well. He founded BabysitEase with his wife Peggy in 2005, with his latest venture starting in late 2015 when he co-founded Cloverleaf. Cloverleaf is a technology platform for building highly productive teams. 




  5:30pm: Doors open - Registration, Networking, Food

  6:00pm: Welcome and Intro (Lightning Talk optional)

  6:15pm: Featured Speaker

  7:15pm: Wrap-up and Raffle

  7:30pm: Adjourn - Post meeting networking

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