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August Meeting - IT & Beyond: Leveraging the Agile Mindset in Functions Outside of IT by Rich Theil

August Meeting - IT & Beyond: Leveraging the Agile Mindset in Functions Outside of IT by Rich Theil

When: August 8th, 2019  (Second Thursday) 

Where: TEK Systems 3825 Edwards Road, Suite 270 Cincinnati OH 45209

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm (networking starts at 5:30 pm)




IT & Beyond: Leveraging the Agile Mindset in Functions Outside of IT

Do you experience friction between Agile IT teams and non-IT teams because you're using two different "operating systems" for getting work done? The IT team runs Agile while the rest of the organization tries to figure out what "MVP", "Sprint", and "Scrum" mean and why they all matter so much. 


If Agile is a mindset and a culture (which we believe it is), then how do you translate this culture into non-IT teams?


In this interactive and engaging conversation, we will share the story of an Agile transformation that started in IT and expanded into other functions. We'll also talk about the benefits of Business Agility – implementing Agile practices in functions outside of IT to drive organizational value and employee engagement. This is a great talk for you and your business partners to attend together.


About Rich Theil

Currently the CEO of The Noble Foundry, Rich previously worked in a large corporate environment and most recently as the CIO for a large, scrappy, and aggressive non-profit in Cincinnati. With 20+ years of leading teams, he encourages trust, authority, and autonomy for team members as the way to build amazing teams and work environments. In his role at The Noble Foundry, he helps companies take Agile in IT to the next level and develops Agile practices in non-IT functions.


Rich is married to Angie and recently celebrated 20 years of marriage. They have three teenagers and run their household using Agile.



  5:30pm: Doors open - Registration, Networking, Food

  6:00pm: Welcome and Intro (Lightning Talk optional)

  6:15pm: Featured Speaker

  7:15pm: Wrap-up and Raffle

  7:30pm: Adjourn - Post meeting networking


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