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September Meeting - Data Analytics in an Agile way! by Jim Sammons

September Meeting - Data Analytics in an Agile way! by Jim Sammons

When: September 12th, 2019  (Second Thursday) 

Where: TBD

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm (networking starts at 5:30 pm)




Data Analytics in an Agile way!


Do you have data?  I bet you do. An increasing amount of Data Science, Data and Analytics or Business Intelligence teams are using agile methods to solve complex problems.  In this discussion I will share some observations from the field on how teams like these have successfully used Kanban, Scrum and other techniques to drive better conversations and higher value outcomes for their organizations. 


We'll talk about classes of service, work item aging, Backlog Refinement and other ideas and how, if at all, they need to change when working with data.


About Jim Sammons


My passion is helping people do work that matters with intention, happiness and impact. Throughout my career I have worked with clients of all sizes, industries and technologies and the common focus I bring to each role is “making people better.” I strive to help those around me improve through mentorship, training, workshops or just grabbing a coffee and lending an ear to their experiences. This focus on continued improvement and servant leadership is why I love what I do each day. 


As a Professional Scrum Trainer at I bring my passion for agility to each of my training classes, workshops and conferences in support of the Scrum community at large.


In my spare time I enjoy making things out of wood, metal and other materials. I enjoy reading, spending time with my family and taking care of the animals who call my property home.




  5:30pm: Doors open - Registration, Networking, Food

  6:00pm: Welcome and Intro (Lightning Talk optional)

  6:15pm: Featured Speaker

  7:15pm: Wrap-up and Raffle

  7:30pm: Adjourn - Post meeting networking


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