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October meeting: Challenging Mental Models - Why Agile is Failing

In many organizations, Agile practices gain a small foothold or are partially embraced, only to be prevented from making further progress. In this talk, Jack Wooten explores the role that individuals' internal mental models of the world present challenges to agile adoption and how we can adapt to be more successful.

Jack Wooten is an Ambassador for Good, Game-Changer, and Lynchpin... He is passionate about being a great leader through selfless service and courageous action.

Jack is a practical results-driven professional with 18 years of experience in software delivery, project management, and leadership. Jack has extensive experience in IT custom development, large-group workshop facilitation, and product and project management. He also has expertise in process design, business transformation, business analysis, and organizational change management.



When: Thursday, 10/8

Networking: 5:30 - 6pm

Program: 6 - 7:30

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March Meeting: Bottoms Up with Your Top Down - Vantiv Agile Approach

In this presentation, Andy will discuss the roll out of Agile development within Vantiv and the challenges associated with it.  You will hear about the support model and strategy, as well as a real life view of the pains and victories for the transformation.

Andrew Gallimore is the Methods & Practices Director for Vantiv.  Andrew has spent many years in the area of business analysis and project delivery.  Andrew’s exposure to a formal Agile approach (SCRUM) took place in 2010 while working for Cardinal Solutions Group.  Prior to 2010, Andrew practiced the principles of Agile from the inception of his development experience while starting up small development teams for small projects at 5/3 Bank.  Andrew has also played many roles from development, analysis, testing, project management, trainer, and much-much more.

Today, Andrew is helping to lead the charge in a companywide Agile Transformation at Vantiv.  This transformation includes a full scale view of the impacts of Agile both from new development to run the business type of work.

When: March 14, 2013  (Second Thursday).
Networking: 5:30-6pm.
Program: 6-7:30pm.
Where: Max Training. 4900 Parkway Drive Suite 160 , Mason (Cincinnati), OH 45040

PMP's: This event counts for 1 (one) PDU

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Come early to enjoy the networking before the meeting! You have an opportunity to meet someone new every month. 

Andy presented to the Agile Cincinnati Group about Vantiv's recent decision to adopt Agile. Andy shared Vantiv's approach: support from the "C-Level" and the "wins" they had experienced already by March. Thanks Andy for showing us what the title of your presentation meant!! 


February Meeting: Agile Transformations

Ever wonder what it takes to start an Agile transformation?  If so, then join us in February as Gerald talks about the ups and downs, challenges, and successes of such an effort.  He will discuss the steps he took to start one successfully.

Gerald Smith is currently a Senior Manager at Sogeti USA. He has 5 years of agile project management experience and over eighteen years of experience in all aspects of project management.

Gerald earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix; as well as, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Miami University, Ohio.

He’s looking forward to working and learning with you, the members, during this presentation.

When: February 14, 2013  (Second Thursday).
Networking: 5:30-6pm.
Program: 6-7:30pm.
Where: Max Training. 4900 Parkway Drive Suite 160 , Mason (Cincinnati), OH 45040

PMP's: This event counts for 1 (one) PDU

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Gerald presented the Agile Transformation that he was responsible for at Kroger Company. The subject matter was engaging and the Agile Cincinnati Group learned quite a bit about the "hot topic" of Agile Transformations!
Our apologies on the photos this month, we were having a little technical difficulty with the lighting in the room. 

January Meeting: Agile from the developer's perspective

I have worked as a developer in a Scrum agile environment for a little over 4 years at MedPlus.   During that time, we have experimented quite a bit with the process.  We'll discuss what has worked well and what has not and why.  My perspective is as a developer, but the cross-functional teamwork required for a successful agile team makes this topic difficult to discuss in isolation from the roles of other team members. We've made a lot of progress, but still have a long way to go.  As we embark on a journey towards continuous delivery, we can discuss the next steps in our agile processes to make that successful.

Joe Schweickart joined AT&T after graduating from University of Dayton with a degree in computer science.  He had many roles, including developer, database administrator, architect and tech lead.  During his tenure with AT&T, Joe picked up a Masters in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  In 2005, he joined Systems Evolution, Inc., as a consultant.  He has served several clients in development and tech lead roles.  The past 4 years, he has enjoyed being reunited with many of his former AT&T colleagues at MedPlus.  MedPlus moved to a Scrum agile approach about 6 months after his arrival and has grown from a single initial team to about 8 teams, averaging about 4 developers per team, plus many developers in shared resource roles.

When: January 10, 2013  (Second Thursday).
Networking: 5:30-6pm.
Program: 6-7:30pm.
Where: Max Training. 4900 Parkway Drive Suite 160 , Mason (Cincinnati), OH 45040

PMP's: This event counts for 1 (one) PDU

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Joe Schweickart started 2013 out with large group that was interested in a developer's perspective on Agile. Joe shared with us the successes, challenges and learnings that he and his team at MedPlus had experienced. The question and answer period gave everyone to an opportunity to delve a little deeper on some topics. 



The common thread in the room seemed to be relief as everyone had experienced many of Joe's examples. Thanks Joe!! 


January Book Winner: Mark Wavle