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Cars, Trains, and Kanban - How to Move Faster 

When: March 10, 2016  (Second Thursday) Networking: 5:30 - 6:00 pm Program: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Agile practitioners adopt kanban with high expectations: decreased cycle time, increased throughput and a clearer look at where projects stand. But where do all these high hopes come from? And how do you make them come true? In this talk, we’ll explore the underlying principles behind kanban—from systems thinking to lean manufacturing—and draw some fun parallels to everything from car traffic to passenger trains. Understanding these core concepts is the real key to moving faster with kanban. 
This talk is for agile beginners, teams who are considering or have recently adopted kanban, and teams who want to optimize their kanban process.


They’ll learn: 
  • What kanban really means—a brief history and how it applies to agile software development 
  • Why limiting work in progress (WIP) is essential to speeding up your development efforts + tips for setting WIP limits 
  • The right way to pull cards from one state to the next (and why it’s a lot like trains) 
  • How to spot bottlenecks in your process, fix them and maximize output
Peter Kananen is a Partner and Delivery Manager at Gaslight (, an agile software development company that works with everyone from growing San Francisco startups and disruptive education companies to Fortune 500 giants like P&G and Omnicare. Peter spends his days tracking the happiness of teams and clients, always trying to provide just enough support and guidance to keep things headed in the right direction. Every project at Gaslight follows lean and agile principles and uses kanban. He’s spoken at CocoaConf and Agile Cincinnati, and helped start the Cincinnati Cocoa Dev user group.
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