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Small, Mighty Teams: The Secret to Building Leaner, Meaner Software

Need to move faster? Stretch your budget? Build better apps? Here’s the secret: Build your process around the power of Small Mighty Teams.  It’s about fostering clear, continuous communication and building incredibly tight feedback loops. The end result? An efficient process that’s easy on budgets and creates leaner, meaner software with only the features you need.



This presentation will explore: why small mighty teams are the answer; what exactly is a small mighty team; how to make your team mightier; strategies for building leaner, meaner software; how mighty teams move mountains.


Doug Alcorn is a Co-Founder and Developer at Gaslight, a Cincinnati software development firm that transforms businesses with web-based technology. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll find Doug building apps in Ruby and JavaScript. He believes in minimizing work in progress and breaking a software project down into the smallest features that still deliver value. Doug has given talks at QCMerge, CodeMash, Wicked Good Ruby, Burlington Ruby Conference, and others.