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April Meeting: Reinvigorating Agile Teams with Innovation Games

Innovation Games® are serious games that can be used to super-charge Agile teams in the product planning process.

It sounds crazy, but research shows that human beings are hard-wired to express themselves and interact with each other through play. Engaging your customers, agile team members, and stakeholders through games delivers deeper, more actionable insight than is available through stodgy brainstorming sessions. Innovation Games® for Agile Teams enables agile practitioners to identify customer requirements, improve retrospectives, prioritize backlogs, create better release plans, and much more. 

While there is a lot to love about Agile development, some practices can get tiresome. Retrospectives stop working when teams become bored with answering the same three questions (“what worked, what didn’t work, what should we change?”). Prioritizing a product backlog in a single meeting before, or during, release planning using a spreadsheet isn’t very engaging. Developing and presenting a product roadmap using PowerPoint gets pretty old, especially when you can’t find a way to show the growth in functionality of your product.

Innovation Games® are fun ways to collaborate with management teams to better understand internal perceptions and market needs, improve holistic design thinking, discover new business opportunities, drive strategy and product road map decisions. Innovation Games® Online enabled the Scrum Alliance to solicit and collaboratively identify, shape and prioritize new and/or improved services while generating almost 100 unique ideas on how to “grow” the Scrum Alliance. In our April session, you will get similar hands-on, practical experience, and explore a broad range of serious games, along with background on how the games are used in context.

Agile should be fun! And when you integrate the games described in this session into your Agile practice, it will be.

Scott Jacobs is the CEO/Marketing Strategist/Business Coach of Harvest Consulting. Since 2007, as a Trained Facilitator for Innovation Games,® Jacobs has successfully used these proven techniques (serious games) for working with small groups of customers to create higher value products and services and as a means of fueling innovation by understanding what customers really want.



When: April 11, 2013  (Second Thursday).
Networking: 5:30-6pm.
Program: 6-7:30pm.
Where: Max Training. 4900 Parkway Drive Suite 160 , Mason (Cincinnati), OH 45040

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This meeting was very interactive. Scott divided us into groups and we played a very interesting game that helped us prioritize the features of our "product". Thanks Scott!! Very informative and fun night! 


And the book winner was: Mark Wavle