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Thank you for your interest in speaking at one of the upcoming Agile Cincinnati meetings! Agile Cincinnati is the premier platform for Agile practitioners who have an interest in speaking on Agile related topics in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas.  We created this FAQ to help you, the speaker, understand what it takes to be a speaker at Agile Cincinnati. If you do not see your question answered here, we encourage you to contact us directly.

What sorts of topics does Agile Cincinnati look for? 

All topics must be related to Agile/Lean somehow and we strive to let our members drive our topic choices.  Even though our community is primarily made up of software professionals, topics do not have to be software related.  In fact, we encourage topics related to Agile in the enterprise, such as impacts to marketing and sales, so our members can have a better understanding of what it means to be an Agile organization.  Soft skills and hard skills topics are welcome.

Is a tool demo an appropriate topic?

Unlikely.  We listen to our members’ feedback and rarely do they ask for a tool demo. That said, if a tool was part of an overall solution that you provided, it’s possible that it won’t be a problem.  You should ask us to make sure.

How much advance notice do you require?

Let us know as soon as you become interested. Unlike many organizations we do not plan speakers a year in advance.  Usually we only have a backlog of speakers a few months out, so there is a chance we could accommodate you within a month or two.

What information do you require from me?

All presentations must have a Title, Summary (Abstract), Speaker Picture & Bio.  Picture is more of a “would like to have” than a “requirement”.  We promote each meeting a month in advance, so we need your information at least a month prior to your presentation. For example, in the January meeting, we begin to promote the February meeting.  Also, we send meeting invitations out about a month prior to the event.

What is the review process like?

If you are interested, you contact us, it’s that simple.  We’ll work with you to help you figure out a topic from our list of requests.  If you already have a topic that you want to present and are passionate about, then we are fine with that too! Once you have a topic, and the leadership is comfortable with it, we will schedule you. This process will not take more than a week.

Will I be reimbursed for expenses? 

The short answer is “maybe”.  We are an all volunteer group and rely heavily on sponsorship, so we watch our pennies diligently.  If you are in town or are a short drive away, then most likely there will be no reimbursement.  All travel expense reimbursements (such as airfare, gas, mileage, meals, and lodging) are on a case by case basis and subject to approval by the AC leadership.  You should contact us BEFORE you request a speaking slot, if you are concerned about reimbursement.

Can I promote my company?

Company promotions are ok when you make your introduction.  There is no hard and fast rule, but if you take more than a couple of minutes, it’s probably too long.

Will I get the contact information for presentation attendees?

No. Sorry, but we must respect the privacy of our members and therefore do not disclose the contact information of our members.  Speakers may solicit contact information in ways that allow members to "Opt In", such as:

  • Exchange business cards
  • Exchange vcards or other electronic contact media
  • Provide a sign up sheet (separate from the AC meeting sign in) and ask members to provide their contact information if they are interested in hearing more from you

Great, so how do I get started? 

Contact us as soon as you can!